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When I hear or see my assigned birth name sometimes



Hi everyone!

We are 22 weeks pregnant!!! 
I can’t believe we’re getting closer to holding little Hachi.

I want to do a video today as an update on how everything has been for us. Things are finally starting to fall in place and I’m feeling better overall. 
I’d love to answer any questions you guys have! Please inbox me and I’ll answer them in the video. =]

Love you all very, very much! Thank you for traveling on this journey with us. 

Kiki this is kind of random haha but your voice is really soothing!


She is going to love this. Her voice is one of the things she likes about herself. =]
Thank you, Anon! That’s so sweet. <3

I have been struggling lately but your beautiful smile always warms me up! I really am grateful for all the kind words you give, and I know your baby is lucky to have such an amazing mom! I honestly admire all of you for being so strong. I'm shy, but here! I love you, and hope you know how precious you are to this world.


Devii meant to reply to this & I guess it did not go though. 

This post really made her day and helped her smile. We hope that you know how precious you are to this world as well. Thank you for being the kind, loving person you are.
Kiki Redwine

I hope you are doing will

We are well, thank you for asking.
How are you?
Kiki Redwine

I hope I'm not too rude by asking this, but how long did it take for you to get your diagnosis? We're probably getting a diagnosis for help at our study. - Host

Sorry for the late response, dear. 
Devii was in the system for few years before she was official diagnosed due to being misdiagnosed a couple of times. 
Kiki Redwine

what kind of work do you do?


We are a front desk manager at a hotel.

Kiki Redwine

I think we need new work shirts. 
Kiki Redwine

I think we need new work shirts.
Kiki Redwine

What did you guys decide to name the baby?


His name is Adrian Shae =]