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Hello to Suicide Prevention Week. 
Happy National Suicide Prevention Day!
Why happy? Because on today, I know that people are fighting. 
Then there are people fighting like I was two years ago. Plagued with suicidal ideations…95% of my day was spent thinking about when, how, why, and where I would end my story…too early. I struggled each day with finding any kind of reason. A reason to wake up in the morning, a reason to smile, a reason to speak, and more than anything searching desperately for a reason to stay alive. FIGHTING TO JUST STAY ALIVE.
Then there are the people fighting like Aaron was two years again- trying to save me from the one thing I don’t think he realized he would have to save me from- myself. He CARED enough to tell me that he loved me. He CARED enough to notice that I wasn’t okay. He LOVED me enough to give me the help I needed, and supported me in finding the help I needed. He HELPED me stay alive. He helped me carry own. He helped me find those reasons that I couldn’t. He helped me find the good things within myself. I can absolutely never repay him for the things he has done- but I know that I am here today because of the people that cared enough to see I wasn’t okay.
When you are suicidal, reasons are hidden behind the thickest cloud of darkness and it seems impossible to push though it to find the shimmer of hope that you have been hunting for. 
However; I promise that hope is there and it is 100% real. It is there in the love that people have for you. It is there in the hidden love you have for yourself- that you have to pull from the chambers of you heart. You are the ONLY you in this world and you are absolutely unique in yourself. No one could possibly dream of replacing you and no-one else can play your part. After all, this is your story. How can someone else right it when you are the hero? Please- smile bright. Live like you never have before. Dance in the rain. Do something you love. FULFILL YOUR DREAMS! Because you deserve it. If anyone in this world does- you do.
Remember that it is okay to not be okay at times. Remember that there is NOTHING wrong with reaching out for help. Remember that suffering from a mental health disorder does not make you weak- you are stronger than you know. I battle my mental health disorders every day. I am not ashamed to say that I have them. Remember, you are battling something fierce and you are doing amazing at it! Please, please keep up the good work! Please stay alive.
Someone needed you yesterday. Someone needs you today, tonight, and tomorrow. For every day of the rest of your life! When people reread your story-make it the most inspiring thing they have ever read. 
I love you all. 

Look at us grow lol =]

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1. What is your favorite band/singer?

Devii: I’m having a Three Days Grace kick lately. =]
Kiki: Her Bright Skies
Kyokyo: Sleeping with Sirens
Arora: Cascada

2. If you could have the body of any animal which would you choose?

I dunno lol

3. What would be your first reaction to waking up a different gender than you currently are (or identify with)?

4. What is your favorite number?
Devii: 5
Kiki: 7
Kyokyo: 23 (I think? kyokyoeverhart, correct me if I’m wrong.
Arora: 2

5. If you had three wishes what would you wish for?
1. For stigma surrounding mental health to vanish
2. For traumatizing/terrible things to stop happening to people
3. My alters to have their own bodies so they can be happy. =]

6. What is your crushes first name?
Devii: Krystal
Kiki: Dylan
Kyokyo: I dunno
Arora: Hasn’t had one yet? I dunno. Maybe Aaron lol

7. Have you ever drank, smoked, or done drugs? If so what kind and how often?

8. What was the last song you listened to?
Conspiracy by Our Last Night

9. Who was the last person you texted/messaged?
Devii: Yuki. <3
Kiki: Aaron
Kyokyo: Hunter

10. What is your biggest fear?

11. If you could relive any moment in your life, what would it be?

Dear Devii, Kiki, Arora, and KyoKyo,I stumbled upon your YouTube last night. I wanted to say how much of an inspiration you all are to me! When I was 4 I was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder. For years I knew this isn't what I had, and was ashamed that the pills they gave me didn't help me. I became seclusive and depressed. And finally after turning 18 I got the courage to go to the doctor about it where I was diagnosed with Severe Social Anxiety and Anxiety Depression. Thank you for... (1/2)

showing me that I shouldn't be ashamed of what I have, and that I shouldn't blame myself and apologize to others for having an illness. Y'all are all so strong and amazing! I wish the best for every single one of y'all! Love, Mallory<3 :)

Oh my goodness!! I really cried reading this. <3! 
Thank you so much, Mallory. I am really, really grateful for your kind words. 

You are stronger than you know and it is amazing people like you that help me stay strong and give me inspiration day by day. Thank you so much for that. <3

I tagged you in the 11 questions tag

I’ll get on it. Thank you! =]


thank you so much

Anytime. <3



More Facts on Psychofacts :)


More Facts on Psychofacts :)


recovery/mental-health/advice blog


recovery/mental-health/advice blog