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Do you think people with DID could be accurately classified as "insane". A lot of the time I feel like I am insane. But am I really? People throw that word "crazy" around so much these days it's lost much of it's meaning, but I actually really think that I am. What are your thoughts on this?



I don’t think people with DID are insane.

There is nothing insane about your mind protecting you in such advanced ways when it has no other escape. That seems entirely sane to me. Maybe that is just my opinion but I cannot see anything that would classify anybody with DID as insane.

I understand that you feel that way, Kimi does too, as do a lot of other people with DID, but I assure you that you most certainly are not insane.



A few weeks ago Devii had a dream where she saved some puppies that were too small. They were apparently born to early and could not latch. She will have to write more on that if she wants.

This week both Arora and I have had similar dreams but about a single kitten.
However in my dream, Hachi was born and I was trying to fight my way though Deviis parents to get to her, Hachi was a girl :) . I guess they did not want me around cause I am an alter?

Needless to say these pregnancy dreams are something else.

Kiki Redwine

You have always been the only person I can talk to.

What do I do when the person I need to talk about is you?




Please, I need to prove a point. It would mean a lot to one of my very depressed and suicidal alters.

Yes, yes, yes, absolutely yes. Not only have you played a huge part in the survival of everyone you love, your opinions and perspectives and feelings are just as valid as…

Yes, we are all REAL no matter what others say, for us in the DID community, we’re all here to support each other and we all understand and acknowledge that we exist, we have options, beliefs, gender preference, romantic ideals etc. Hugs Hun! -Mary

Pain is real. But so is hope.
Heeeyyyyyy beautiful

Hello. =]

Thank you so much, Lovely!

Anytime. <3



I received this ask a moment ago and, while I answered it privately, I kind of liked what I wrote.

I’m not a writer, but this was quite a personal thing for me and I thought I share it.

I’m not trying to. I don’t even know if souls exist so I’m not gonna even try.

But, I do know that a…

I love you all!

Thank you all so, so very much! 
I don’t deserve to have such amazing people in my life.

I have been up for a few days, and Kiki went out of town, so when I came back I saw all of your lovely messages and replies to my post and I seriously cried. I really cannot thank you guys enough! I can’t find the words to express my gratitude to you guys. I can’t tell you how you all motivate me and make me feel like something, when I feel like nothing. How you inspire me to try my hardest and to keep doing my Tumblr & YT when I start to think about taking them down. I wish that this world was made up of nothing much the lovely people you guys are! Thank you for being the unique individuals you are with hearts that shine brighter than the stars.

Hachi is so lucky to have so many amazing people there and to be so loved already, I can’t wait to show this to Hachi when Hachi is old enough. =3

Thank you guys again! For everything!!

I’m so sorry it took me so long to reply to everyone! I’ll try to keep up with everything the best I can from now on. <3

Please stay the beautiful, breath-taking people that you are!


Devii, Just wanted to say- followed your blog for a while and in response to your recent post - YES, you will make an amazing mom. And this child won't just have you and your fiancée, but also as much support and family as they could ever want in Kiki, Arora and Kyoko. With all of these amazing people looking after them, how could that be bad? :)

Thank you! =]
I like to see Hachi as lucky. Everyone already loves Hachi so much.
Even Arora is excited to babysit according to Aaron. And even though Kyokyo has had problems during this pregnancy he is happy for me and says he looks forward to meeting my little one. Those small gestures mean so much to me. <3

Thank you for giving such amazing words & support for us <3