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Happiness is Always Possible!
I think something that you guys all have in common, like a common reoccurring theme of your system, is that you're all so fricken nice. Just lovely people!!


Awee!! ^//^ Thank you so much Anon. <3

That really made our day. You are absolutely lovely yourself. =3


Dear Kyokyo

Happy Birthday Conner Eli Everhart!!!
Today you turn twenty and it still amazes me that you are so young yet at the same time so kind and mature.
I know that today is going to be amazing, because it is a day for you, I know that today I will celebrate you because you are a wonderful man who has touched so many hearts and I know that you always will.
I love having you with me, I love that I have gotten a chance to see you grow and know that you will always be the smiling guy that I can depend on- no matter what. You have a special place in my heart and not because you are my alter. But because you are you. You are Kyokyo and I wish you all the happiness in the world!
Smile bright today and have lots of fun!
Today is about you

Watching someone else use your body isn’t nearly as easy to adjust to as they make it sound. You’re watching your body move without conscious command controlling it. You can’t stop yourself from twirling the pencil, reaching for that last chocolate bar, settling down on the couch instead of doing homework. You feel like you should be able to move how you want to, but you can’t. You struggle to control yourself, but you can’t. You can’t stop yourself from yelling at a friend, telling someone you barely know about your childhood, drawing pictures of scenes that make you want to throw up. You gain skills that you’ll never be able to replicate on your own, and you feel like a fake for that. Your voice comes out as if you’re a child, and you feel like everyone around you must think that you’re mentally disabled. You’re crying and hiding under a table and you don’t even know why.
If-I-Were-To-Tell-The-Truth, “The Darker Side of DID” (via queendopamine)
Kind of an odd question, but I have not seen you answer this or been asked this yet. When you switch you go into a different world right? Like you and Kiki and Connor and Aurora have to live outside of everybody else's reality when another is out right? So what is it like on the inside world? Is there any similarities or differences to the "outside"


Not odd at all. =]

Each systems inner-world is different so this just goes for my system.

When Kiki, Kyokyo (Conner), and Arora are away they have an inner-world that they go into. Their inner world is really small- from how Arora describes it is like a dorm. Due to the simplicity of their inner world there are no differences or similarities if that makes sense.

I can’t go into their inner world. For me, when I dissociate and go away, I go into a black void that is only me. It is like I am floating around in a bubble. That’s the best way I can describe it. I don’t truly know what happens to us when another person fronts. It is something that I really would love to know more about. =]



So, I saw a post on my dash talking about integration and DID and a bunch of other stuff. Reading that post and a few others like it just got me to stop and think…

For years, I have been desperately digging into my past to try and find out my own personal truth about what happened to me as a…

Off Topic!

This post is completely un-related to DID.

But I just wanted to say that I’m happy. =]

I thought I had lost someone really, really, really important to me and that we would never speak again but last night I hope we broke that barrier; even if it was just a small crack in the rock between us. 

This person means so much to me, I don’t even think that they realize it, and just those few minutes yesterday meant a lot to me. More than anyone could ever imagine.

And if you see this- you know who you are and everything I said last night I honestly meant. I am so happy to have you back in my life. Please stay. <3


Just saying hi! *Waves* Hope you are okay! :o)




We are doing well! How are you guys doing?


Glad you are good! 

We’re not too bad thanks honey! xxx

I’m happy to hear that everything is going well for you guys! =]

Also is the video coming out today?!

It came out last night. =]

Kyokyo gave an interview to my sister in law and her girlfriend about what it is like living with someone with DID. 

Here is the link:


Yeah, Kyokyo’s description says it all. These three are something else when they’re together. 

New video! <3