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Happiness is Always Possible!

Thank you to mush-melon =] 
You made me smile so bright this morning. You’re absolutely amazing!


Yeah, its expensive having a baby, even more for twins. So yeah, they'll have to share the one combined Christmas and Birthday present between them lol. We've actually got a lot of stuff already including an awesome twins buggy with car seats.

That is awesome. I hope you guys have a smooth pregnancy and deliviery! 

Worried about Kyokyo

I’m super, super worried about Kyokyo. He use to front a lot. He would always come out at least once a day or every other day. He hasn’t been out in so, so long. I think things are hard for him because of how fast I have grown and how early Hachi started moving. 

I don’t know. I’m just worried. I know that him not being out doesn’t mean that he will disappear but that thought always crosses my mind and it feels like my heart is stabbed.

All of his friends miss him a lot. Ashley said that she misses seeing her best friend and spending time with him. Last time he was out he texted a new friend of his and I thought that him making new friends would help him stay out more but he just…hasn’t.

The next part is embarrassing. 

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Well, that's good! My other half is also a tiny person. But we had a scan at 16 weeks and 20 weeks. But they could only tell the sex at 20 weeks so its lucky you could tell that early. Both of ours are girls (Twins!!) And the due date is 25 Dec!!

Awe! That’s so exciting! Congratulations on your little girls. =3 It is lovely they have so much twin-friendly things now. They can have birth-mass parties.
I had my ultrasound at 15 weeks and 5 days but each person’s pregnancy is much different than anyone else. =] We were very excited to find out early but Aaron’s wallet is not. Kyokyo and Arora called Hachi being a boy though.





Hi guys! How are you?
I’ve been up a lot. Been out in spurts but it’s been mostly Kiki fronting lately. A lot has been going on for all of us. My car got wrecked on the side of the street during a hit and run so I’m trying really hard to find out what to do to get my car fixed. I loveeee that car. But we found out that Hachi is a boy!! 

I really, really need to make a video. I even got a new camera to try out!! I just am at a loss of what to do though. 

Miss you guys!


Congrats on the pregnancy guys!! Very exciting!!! Howcome you know its a boy? Isn't it too early to tell?

Thank you. =]

We had an ultrasound done which revealed the gender. I am 4 months pregnant and I’m a very small framed girl; it was really easy for my tech to find the sex. =3


Hi devii and others I just started looking in to DID and other personality disorders I think you and your system are very strong and amazing. I hope you are doing well and I think all of you will do well with the baby :).

Thank you. We are all well, including little man, we hope you are too.

We try our best to stick together and learn what it is like to live with a dissociative disorder. Not everythign is perfect in our system but we do try our best to do what is right for each person. =3


So I just saw your video and I didn't know anything about DID and you are a really brave person.

Thank you. =] I really hope they help a little bit of understanding. <3

though i do doubt they make your address visible, i am not 100% certain. you could always rent out a P.O. box love :)


Thank you. =]